Monday, November 23, 2015

Winter has Arrived!

Yesterday morning we awoke to this gorgeous scene outside our windows. We've been somewhat spoiled this November with so little to remind us that winter was indeed on its way.

This being our first winter in our country home there was many things we needed to do in order to get ready. The old adage is true; 

"You're never really ready for winter, you just run out of time." 

With all the equipment and tools we have been accumulating for our market garden venture it became clear to us that our garage was going to be a very tight squeeze in the winter months with all our lawn equipment, the BCS walk behind tractor, the patio furniture, the lawn tractor and my husband's tools that are very much needed twelve months of the year. Two weeks ago I turned to Kijiji where I discovered a lovely couple in a nearby town were looking to re-gift a temporary garage shelter. It's really just metal pipes with a tarp overtop. All we needed to do was bring our tools and haul it away. My husband and I were so grateful to have this set up on our property. It currently houses all the overflow of things we won't need until spring, which is mostly my garden equipment. 

Last week we put our snow tires on the car. This past weekend we assembled our snow thrower attachment for the John Deere. We are almost ready for the worst that winter can throw at us. Now that the snow is here to stay I'm going to be able to focus on my to-do list inside the house with includes much needed room painting and certain upgrades planned.

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